5 Benefits of Outdoor Solar Landscape Lighting

When we first moved into my house we had landscape lighting that was electric. I disliked it because it added to our electric bill, the wires would come unburied, and the bulbs would burn out.  We have now installed new solar yard lighting and we really enjoy it. Here are a few benefits of outdoor solar landscape lighting.

Outdoor Solar Landscape Lighting Benefits:

1.   Dress up your Property.  Solar landscape lights look great and really set off any landscape work.  They can give your house more curb appeal! Solar stake lights add ambiance and beauty to the landscape.  They can be used to light up a pretty pathway or light up a feature tree.  They can even be installed on fences, porches, or walls to create a well-lit, pretty outdoor area.

2.  Functional.  Solar landscape lighting is made to light up your property increasing visibility and safety for your visitors and yourself. This is essential  in the evening and at night as you travel the pathway to your house.  Solar yard lighting is also a way to make an outdoor space inviting a useable in the evenings and into the night.

3.  Deters thieves.  Outdoor lighting increases security as a well-lit area is less likely to be targeted by thieves. “90% of all intruders choose not to enter a residence that is well lit.” – source . It is a good idea to use solar outdoor landscape lighting to light up the exterior of your home as well as pathways.

4.  Easy to Install.  Perhaps one of the most attractive features of solar landscape lighting is that it is so easy to install. You don’t need an electrician! With solar landscape lights you just stick them in the ground where you want them and move them easily if you change your mind. With outdoor solar landscape lighting, there are no wires to have to bury, keep reburying, or to figure out how to hook up. No wires to hit when digging in your garden beds, and no wires for kids to discover. No expensive electricians necessary! And just in case you are wondering, solar landscape lighting is designed to be safe to leave out and function properly in all weather conditions, including rain and snow.

5. Saves Money.  Not only do you save money by not needing an electrician to install the lighting but also because you won’t have any increase in your electricity bill with outdoor solar landscape lighting. Just think how much those savings will add up over the years!

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Types Of Solar Yard Lighting

You can find all sorts of types of solar landscape lighting. There are Solar Recessed Lights, solar stake lights, Solar Spot Lights, and Solar Rock Lights. Some of the solar lights even allow you to modify the configuration easily from stake light to wall spot light. That means that your outdoor solar walkway lights and outdoor solar wall lights can match!

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New Solar Landscape Lighting Features

Solar landscape lights are improving all the time.  I have recently replaced my old solar stake lights with new ones from LITOM and I quite pleased.  The LED bulbs are so much brighter than my previous solar lights.  That alone makes them worth it.  I also love the way I can adjust where the light points so I can point it down towards my stairs or up towards my stairs as the need may be along my pathway. Additionally, these solar landscape spotlights allow me to adjust the direction of the solar panels independently of the spotlight. This means I can aim the light down and the panel up for the most sun. Being able to get the best sun exposure means a stronger, longer light and I am really happy with how much solar lighting has improved over the last few years. My LITOM solar spotlights even allow me to choose between warm and cold light options!

I am totally pleased with my outdoor solar landscape lighting.  Have you tried outdoor solar landscape lighting? What are your favorite benefits?

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